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Tales of Angkor

Le 04/02/2011

Tales of Angkor is a group of Cambodian sculptors, who are participate in Cambodia’s aesthetic renewal.

From their studios come both works of religious inspiration destined for the temples and other cultural sites, as well as contemporary works of art born of the feelings and creativity of the artists.
They are also developing sculpture studios led by master sculptors to perpetuate the heritage of Khmer art.

In complete communion and respect for ancient traditions, and with a profound need for aesthetics, these master are transmitting their knowledge to young apprentices who come to work with them.


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Le 03/02/2011

SCT’s fashion statement
Playful forms and structures, that’s what SCT is all about, using metallic sheers, clinging silks, bustier, belts and even short dresses. The idea behind the brand is modern Khmer with experimentation through its entirely hand made dresses and creatively structured shapes. SCT’s designs are made with confidence and individuality, each has its own meaning so that women will wear them with pride, grace and elegance.


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Tendance Khmère

Le 02/02/2011

The offspring of the union of a Cambodian, Songmala, and a Frenchman, Flavien Lambert, Tendance Khmère is a gallery featuring Cambodian silk :  raw silk, organza, and smooth silk.
It was in Paris, in the heart of St-Germain des Prés first of all, and then in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap that Flavien and Songmala began to weave their cocoon in color.  Tendance Khmère specializes in the creation of decorative articles.
Flavien, the designer, combines the elegance of traditional Khmer silk with other materials from the four corners of the earth.  An almost infinite range of cloth is turned into cushions, bedspreads, curtains, poufs, purses and table settings.  The color palette is immense, and crossing the threshold of Tendance Khmère opens up an whole new art of living.
Tendance Khmère has succeeded in refining, for contemporary Western tastes, the ancestral artisanship which is being reborn.

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Lim Theam

Le 01/02/2011

Born in Takeo in 1968, Theam grew up in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime. In 1980, he moved to France where he feels he experienced a second birth. From 1989 to 1994, he studied visual art at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and obtained a diploma in applied arts and design at the Boulle School. He returned to Cambodia in 1995 and is one of the founding members of Artisans d’Angkor, serving as its artistic director from 1997 to 2008.


Né à Takeo en 1968, Theam grandit au Cambodge pendant le régime khmer rouge. Il quitte le Cambodge pour la France en 1980, ce fut une seconde naissance. De 1989 à 1994, il a étudié à l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris en arts visuels, et a obtenu un diplôme en arts appliqués et en design de l’Ecole Boulle. Il s’installe au Cambodge en 1995 ou il devient un des membres fondateurs des Artisans d’Angkor dont il est le directeur



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Théo Vallier

Le 20/01/2011

Born in 1980, French artist Théo VALLIER has lived and worked in Phnom Penh since 2007 where he explores the theme of streets and their movement. He has exhibited in France (Paris and Marseille) and Cambodia, enjoys working in multiple media and continues to experiment with different techniques in painting, graphic art, Graffiti, photography and silk-screen.

In addition to painting on canvas, Théo VALLIER developed a pictorial style of painting on sheets of rusted metal in order to capture the aesthetic feel of the contemporary urban environment. His work expresses a particular perception of urbanism that reminds the viewer of the impermanence of all things and forms, and pushes the viewer deeper into the image and closer to the raw materials. The artist finds in the city a singular material, rust – created by erosion and the passage of time – and employs it almost as a living material. In his images of Phnom Penh, he creates a unified feel by using common materials, colors and characteristics. He creates a feeling of depth in this works of art by layering different materials. The first layer is the support structure, the sheet of metal with its inevitable oxidation. White is added in successive layers to mask the rust, that in turn attacks the paint, and then is once again covered by more paint, and so on…. For Théo, “a representation in art of the interaction between man and nature.”


Plasticien Français, né en 1980, a exposé en France (Paris et Marseille) et au Cambodge. Il vit et travaille à Phnom Penh depuis 2007, où il continue à explorer le thème de la rue et de ses mouvements. Artiste multidisciplinaire il ne cesse de faire des allers retours entre différentes techniques tel que la peinture, le graphisme, le Graffiti, la photo et la sérigraphie.

A côté de la peinture sur toile, Théo VALLIER développe une approche picturale sur plaques de métal rouillées, pour retrouver une matière et un esthétisme présents à l’état naturel dans l’univers urbain contemporain. Son travail exprime une perception particulière de l’urbanité et veut rappeler l’impermanence de toute chose et de toute forme, pousser le spectateur à plonger dans l’image et à se rapprocher de la matière.
Le plasticien trouve dans la ville une matière singulière, la rouille, produit de l’usure et du passage du temps. Il se l’approprie avec l’idée de la travailler comme un matériau vivant. A partir de ses clichés de Phnom Penh, il revisite une vision singulière de la ville en reliant une matière, une couleur et un trait. Les images sont constituées de différents plans qui, une fois superposés, créent la profondeur. Le premier est le support lui même, c’est a dire le métal, sa matière, son oxydation. Le blanc, par couches successives, masque en partie la rouille qui, le temps faisant son œuvre, attaque la peinture, qui elle-même, couvre à nouveau la rouille, ainsi de suite… Interaction entre homme et nature via la matière.

Informations relative à l’œuvre donnée pour la vente Christie’s :
« International » Acrylic sur métal, 50cm/100cm

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Thomas Pierre

Le 19/01/2011

Thomas PIERRE was born in France and now lives and works in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He has had great international success and exhibited locally and in France, Germany and Finland. Some of his recent exhibitions include:

Thomas PIERRE est né en France. Il travaille maintenant au Cambodge.
Il connait un succès international en exposant dans différents pays tels que la France, l’Allemagne et la Finlande. Voici la liste de ses récentes expositions:
2013    Perspective, Metahouse, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
60 years of Pasteur Institute, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tribute to Vann Nath, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
In the shadow of Deities, Institut Français, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
2012    September 2012, CCFC, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Shadows, Top-Art-Gallery, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Paintings, Openwine, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
The Cambodia Mask Project 2012, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Luxe et Art de Vivre, la Galerie, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
2011    Hollandse Club, Singapore
Salon des créateurs, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
2010    Regards croisés, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Luxury and Lifestyle, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
National museum, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
2009    Artsyne, Paris, France
Galerie P13, Heidelberg, Germany
2008    Maison de Heidelberg, Montpellier, France
00130 Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2007    Espace Lhomond, Paris, France
2006    Saison Française, Berlin, Germany
Palais des Expositions, Reims, France
2005    Galerie Municipal, Le Blanc, France
Galerie Pritzkow, Bonn, Germany
L’Art en Plus, Elancourt, France
2004     Ambassade d’Allemagne, Paris, France
Académie de l’Oeil Bleu, Soisson, France
Champagne Pannier, Château-Thierry, France
2003    Chantal Herbel, Buc, France
Galerie Imag’in Art, Paris, France
2002    Technocentre Renault, Guyancourt, France
Galerie Le Corbusier, Trappes, France
2001    Salles d’Armes, Pont de l’Arche, France
Chapelle de la Villedieu, Elancourt, France
La Sorbonne, Paris, France
2000    Espace Paul Ricard, Bandol, France
Salon de Mai, Paris, France
L’Art en Plus, Elancourt, France

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Thomas Pierre

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Tith Kanitha

Le 18/01/2011

TithKanitha graduated with a diploma in interior architecture from the Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh in 2008. She has exhibited in numerous places: Bophana Center, Meta House, Centre Cultural Français, and Java Arts.  Strongly involved in Cambodian cultural life, she has collaborated with various artists:  Daniel Perrier and QudyXu, and has participated as artistic director on projects such as “Kon Khmer Koun Khmer,”  and“Golden Awakening”  with Davy Chou, “Tango Intervention” with Robert Lawrence.  In 2010, she received the Jury Prize at the “You Khin Memorial Women’s Art Show.”

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Le 16/01/2011

Christine Gauthier settled in Cambodia in 1996. With her advertising background, a passion for bric-a-brac, she creates objects; her enthusiasm for jewelry begins with her discovery of nature, and she seeks to interpret, in a different way, what she sees.
In February 2002, she created the Water Lily workshop.
In love with Cambodia’s natural phenomena, discovering flowers and trees and photographed details that have inspired original pieces, much as a painter might mix colors to give new life to a scene, an inspiration, imagesof what surrounds her and that she has kept in her heart. Works that are unique, or limited for others, designed and put together by hand, these pieces reflect the soul of Cambodia and endow her jewelry with a spirit of memory, a souvenir.
Using clever mixtures of colors and materials, she creates a world unique to the Water Lily workshop: freshness, originality, and the pigment of color dearest to her eyes: the green of the rice fields. She creates on command original pieces for weddings, or simply an outfit, including a purse and wide-brimmed hat.
Christine Gauthier plays with her materials, immersing herself in her experiences, and fully  lives her passion through the furious desire to interpret what is stored in her memory.


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Yim Maline

Le 14/01/2011

YimMaline was born in Battambang in 1982 and is currently based in Siem Reap.
She studied art at PharePonleuSelapak, Cambodia (1995-2003)and received her Diplôme National Arts Plastique (DNAP, Art option)
EcoleSupérieure des Beaux Arts in France , Caen city till 2010.
She has participated in numerous exhibitions in France and Cambodia.
REMEMBER is YimMaline’s first solo exhibition.


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For sale this Sunday

Le 10/01/2011

A herd of elephants ...
And much more ...
A board, block your purchase the day before!
One detail : the elephants and other purchases can not leave until the Sunday after 6PM.


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Le 07/01/2011


Sandy Kin Lim &Annya Ly

Annya Ly’s bio:
I was born in Cambodia on July of 1979 near Siem Reap. At the age of 5, our family left Cambodia for Khao I Dang Refugee Camp in Thailand. After 4 years there, our uncle sponsored us to America. Growing up as a child, I’ve always liked the outdoors and nature. I am relaxed and happy when I work with my hands. My perfect day of Zen would be to spend the whole day creating jewelry or scrapbooking without any interruptions.

During high school, I discovered that I enjoyed arts and crafts and learning about other cultures. I dreamed of traveling to different destinations. Years later, my dream became a reality when I travelled abroad to different destinations within Southeast Asia to promote jewelry for Lucky Jewelry.
I graduated from Sacramento University with a B.A in Liberal Studies. In 2007, my family and I relocated to Phnom Penh due to personal reasons. This was when I was introduced to gemstones, jewelry and designs.

My inspirations are based on my experiences and nature. Our specialties are gemstones handcrafted jewelry that is extravagant and unique. When I first arrived in Cambodia, I noticed that our designs were very floral. To some, they were considered “ornate,” “delicate,” and “sweet.” To others, they were “unique.” Over the years, I’ve worked with my goldsmiths to produce some of the most beautiful pieces.

To reflect, my introduction to jewelry was coincidental, but my love for designing and creating personal pieces wasn’t.
In the future, I would love to have many collections that intertwine Cambodian and modern designs to create one-of-a-kind jewelry that will be cherished and loved by many.


Sandy Kim Lim’s bio:
Sandy Kim Lim was born on April 1981. She has three brothers and has lived in the USA for seven years before returning to Cambodia to manage Lucky Jewelry.
Sandy graduated from Gemological Institute of America(GIA) as a Graduate Gemologist and received her Jewelry Management Certificate in 2006.
Sandy got her start in the jewelry business since she was fifteen helping her parents with their jewelry store.
Upon graduation from GIA, she returned to Phnom Penh and has been managing Lucky Jewelry for over six years. Sandy had worked closely with numerous goldsmiths and customers to design some of the beautiful jewelry. Her specialty is engagement and wedding rings.

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Thanks to you every dear partners 2011.

Le 02/01/2011

Thanks to you every dear partners.

We are lucky to explain in the best possible conditions the works and the creations of the designers, the artists and the most striking creators of Cambodia.
It is thanks to this Show that each can show his work created quite specially for this unique demonstration.
It is thanks to you that this second edition(publishing) takes a scale such as she can aspire to one exposed(explained) except Cambodia.


Many thanks for their contributions :

Hisham Mousar

Guillaume Massa for your creation on the wall

Hora for your creation on the wall

Around Design for the logo and for all your help in 2010

Melon Rouge for the photos of 2010

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The participants 2011 : The artists and creators

Le 01/01/2011

For this year 2011

Here the list of all participants

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