• folder_open Dans 2011
  • folder_open Dans 2011

    Thanks to you every dear partners 2011.

    Le 02/01/2011

    Thanks to you every dear partners.

    We are lucky to explain in the best possible conditions the works and the creations of the designers, the artists and the most striking creators of Cambodia.
    It is thanks to this Show that each can show his work created quite specially for this unique demonstration.
    It is thanks to you that this second edition(publishing) takes a scale such as she can aspire to one exposed(explained) except Cambodia.


    Many thanks for their contributions :

    Hisham Mousar

    Guillaume Massa for your creation on the wall

    Hora for your creation on the wall

    Around Design for the logo and for all your help in 2010

    Melon Rouge for the photos of 2010

  • folder_open Dans 2011

    The participants 2011 : The artists and creators

    Le 01/01/2011

    For this year 2011

    Here the list of all participants

    Ambre  - kethambre@online.com.kh   -  http://www.romydaketh.net  - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001743100940

    Citadel  - c2sainthilaire@gmail.com    http://www.citadel.com.kh/

    Cirque : URBA    (for opening)

    Em Riem  - xemdesign@yahoo.com

    Garden of desire -  gardenofdesire@gmail.com  -    http://gardenofdesire.wordpress.com/

    Hin Bunthœun -   loyuyu_pk@yahoo.com

    Kashaya Silk -  kashayasilk@gmail.com

    Khmer Silk Village -  Il Nodo ksv.asso@hotmail.com

    LimKeo - keopsl@yahoo.com - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001012970526&ref=ts

    Loeum Lorn -  loeum_lorn@yahoo.com

    Oum Design studio maknorith.oum@gmail.com

    Phe Sophon -  a1-sophon@yahoo.com

    Peap Tarr -   samapeap@gmail.com    www.fatcap.com/article/peap/sets

    Robotang - atang@free.fr - http://www.facebook.com/alain.tang

    Sam Chanmonyroth - maknorith.oun@gmail.com

    Savann Thav- http://fr-fr.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1499859855&sk=info

    Sopheap Pich - pich.oxbowstudio@gmail.com    www.sopheappich.com

    SCT -  noh@fmagazine.biz

    Tendance Khmère -  contact@tendance-khmere.com    www.tendance-khmere.fr

    Theam -  atipoldesign@yahoo.com

    Théo Vallier - valliertheo@gmail.com    www.vallier.theo.com

    Thomas Pierre -  tpmessage@gmail.com   www.thomaspierre.com

    Tith Kanitha -  kanithatith@yahoo.co.uk

    Yim Malin - yim_maline@yahoo.com

    Waterlily -   waterlilycreationpp@yahoo.com