Lim Keo

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Dans 2013


Born in Cambodia 1973, Keo grew up in Cambodia. From 1997  to 2000 he studies in Paris at the (Parisian Dressmaking School). Studying with Maison Emmanuel Ungaro and Maison Kay.

Participation to Biennale Internationale du Design of St Etienne (France) :

Winner First Prize as Best Young Design (15 countries have participated to this competition.

Keoisblessedwith an exceptional talent, and a fertile imagination. Workingwith noble traditionalmaterialssuch as Cambodiansilk, as well as unconventinal components such as plastic, paper clips, seedpods, and cocoons ;hecreatestotallyfuturisticclothes.

His most recent success was a fashion presentation to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the French Institute in Phnom Penh which met with a standing ovation.


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