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Garden of desire is a boutique gallery of creative jewelry design that promoteS both emerging and established jewelry artists and designers in the field of art and design.
The Gallery, founded by Ly Pisith, houses contemporary and conceptual yet functional wearable art as well as sculptural objects and textile accessories.

It is the natural world that has become a major influence within the work of our designers.
The unique shapes and textures found in nature are incorporated throughout the entire collection which uses a range of materials from solid silver structure, natural stones to unusual mixed media.
They exude an impeccable style that is elegant and sensual, akin to a second skin.
These eclectic collections from around the world identify every item of jewelry as a work of art in its own right, come together to redefine jewelry design and ideas of today.

Ly Pisithfounded Garden of Desire in 2008 and has been dedicated to designing and promoting international and regionally based jewellery artists. He was formally working as a designer of fashion spectacles for Alain Mikkli, Stark and a clutch of other haute couture international names.
His distinct color palette of contrasting hues and unique use of texture has become his signature style which is largely sourced by many.

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