Sok Chan

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    Sok Chan

    Le 04/02/2011

    Born in Prey Veng in 1973, SOK Chan began work as an apprentice in an NGO run program to learn the rapidly disappearing art of carving buffalo horn. His great talent was quickly recognized, and after only six months in the program, he left to become the assistant to his master. Unfortunately, due to a lack of market demand for his work, he abandoned his art to become a construction worker. Ten years later, after exploring renewed interest in his art, he decided to return to his first love. Today, he employs seven carvers who work hard to keep up with an ever-growing order book. SOK Chan produces mostly custom made pieces of jewelry, but also creates his own designs. He remains one of the few Cambodian artisans who still work the beautiful black and white buffalo horn, and thanks to his willingness to pass along his knowledge, he is helping to revitalize a traditional skill and art form that were almost lost.

    Né à Prey Veng, en 1973, SOK Chan a commencé à travailler avec une ONG à l’âge de 16 ans, à apprendre l'art de la sculpture sur corne de buffle. Il est si talentueux qu’il quitte le programme d’apprentissage au bout du six mois pour devenir l’assistant de son maître. Malheureusement, à cause du manque de demande sur le marché, il abandonne son art pour devenir maçon. Dix ans plus tard, constatant  l’intérêt renouvelé pour son art, il décide de retourner à ses premières amours. Il reste un des derniers cambodgiens qui travaillent encore la corne de buffle et perpétue ainsi un savoir ancestral.