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Dans 2011

Lisa aka “Lil Dots” was born in Phnom Penh Cambodia, she is the first official Female Street Artist in Cambodia, Lisa has been practicing her art since a young age but in more recent times decided to make her work be viewed in public after she was invited to paint live at Chen La Theatre Phnom Penh for 12me and Raph a French Hip Hop Duo from France.

Hot of the heels of the Chen La Performance Lisa than appeared alongside PeapTarr and They from the Art crew Army Of Snipers (South East Asia) where they painted walls for Cell Card to help promote the new Launch of XG and now Lisa can be seen all around Phnom Penh Billboards and also the XG TV Commercials.

Lisa also was recently in the French Cultural Institute art show Titled Phnom Penh 2058 where Lisa produced two large canvas’s with PeapTarr and ZEROSYan international known Japanese graffiti artist.
Lisa was also in Tiger Translate working with international Artist for Tiger Translate Cambodia where she was cheered on by the local crowd who were proud to see one of their own up their amongst the international community of artist.

Lisa aka Lil Dots has been on the rise fast in Phnom Penh City, she is the future of Cambodian Urban art and a true trailblazer so keep your eyes to the streets and international Art galleries.
Lisa Also states that she is helping a new urban art movement grow here in her hometown of Phnom Penh city and she wants Khmer Graffiti and Street Art to be seen all around the world which she believes will help boost urban Khmer Art as officially being on the map which she believes will enhance Modern Khmer arts and culture and hopefully will make the youth of Cambodia and Khmer Youth around the world proud of their culture.

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