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Discovery, Encounters, Exchanges

Cambodia is a meeting point for many designers, artists, designers, artisans, fashion designers inspired by its culture and who used the products and commodities of the country.

The artists and creators show, which will begin on March 4, invites you to (re)discover major creators.Sharing and exchange are at the heart of this second edition, with thoughtful dialogues in the luxuriant garden of the « No Problem » colonial villa.
A circuit, imagined by more than twenty Cambodian and international artists, will transport us to different universes where we can appreciate works freely, while interacting totally with the site, since the new creations will use this circuit as its raw material.

No one is enclosed in his own bubble.  Atmospheres come together, assemble, and then disappear.
This is an invitation to discovery, exchange, and wonderment.

Special Event for 2012

Auction sale by Christie's

Following the exhibition on March 2012, Christie’s will conduct an auction to sell a choice of art pieces. The benefits of the sale will go to “Cambodia Living Art,” an association that supports young Cambodian artists.It is the very first time that Christie’s comes to Cambodia for such an event. This represents an honor and great opportunity for Cambodian Designers to evaluate their artworks on the international market.

Christie’s has 53 offices in 32 countries and 10 salerooms around the world including in London, New York, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Amsterdam, Dubai and Hong Kong. Christie’s also offers its clients worldwide access to its sales through Christie’s LIVE™, its unique, real-time online bidding service.
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We will have more participants than ever before.
Artisans will be joining the The artists and creators show’s third edition which will take place once again in the beautiful “NO PROBLEM” colonial mansion.
Come discover two defenders of traditional Khmer art: an engraver, on a monumental scale, of copper and silver. An artisan creating accessories and inlay work with buffalo horn.
Sculptors will show their stone bas reliefs backed by one thousand years of tradition.
Gemstones, both precious and semi-precious, will be on display thanks to two Cambodian women of amazing talent.
The artists and creators show opening and Private showing by invitation only March 2, 2012
Open to the public from March 3 through March 11 from 11am until 8pm
Major Innovation for the closing of the 2012 edition
Christie’s International will come from Paris especially for an auction at the SOFITEL of forty of the most remarkable creations shown at the The artists and creators show. A first for Cambodia!
As in the past all creations exhibited will be put on sale by their creators on March 11 at The artists and creators show


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