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Sandy Kin Lim &Annya Ly

Annya Ly’s bio:
I was born in Cambodia on July of 1979 near Siem Reap. At the age of 5, our family left Cambodia for Khao I Dang Refugee Camp in Thailand. After 4 years there, our uncle sponsored us to America. Growing up as a child, I’ve always liked the outdoors and nature. I am relaxed and happy when I work with my hands. My perfect day of Zen would be to spend the whole day creating jewelry or scrapbooking without any interruptions.

During high school, I discovered that I enjoyed arts and crafts and learning about other cultures. I dreamed of traveling to different destinations. Years later, my dream became a reality when I travelled abroad to different destinations within Southeast Asia to promote jewelry for Lucky Jewelry.
I graduated from Sacramento University with a B.A in Liberal Studies. In 2007, my family and I relocated to Phnom Penh due to personal reasons. This was when I was introduced to gemstones, jewelry and designs.

My inspirations are based on my experiences and nature. Our specialties are gemstones handcrafted jewelry that is extravagant and unique. When I first arrived in Cambodia, I noticed that our designs were very floral. To some, they were considered “ornate,” “delicate,” and “sweet.” To others, they were “unique.” Over the years, I’ve worked with my goldsmiths to produce some of the most beautiful pieces.

To reflect, my introduction to jewelry was coincidental, but my love for designing and creating personal pieces wasn’t.
In the future, I would love to have many collections that intertwine Cambodian and modern designs to create one-of-a-kind jewelry that will be cherished and loved by many.


Sandy Kim Lim’s bio:
Sandy Kim Lim was born on April 1981. She has three brothers and has lived in the USA for seven years before returning to Cambodia to manage Lucky Jewelry.
Sandy graduated from Gemological Institute of America(GIA) as a Graduate Gemologist and received her Jewelry Management Certificate in 2006.
Sandy got her start in the jewelry business since she was fifteen helping her parents with their jewelry store.
Upon graduation from GIA, she returned to Phnom Penh and has been managing Lucky Jewelry for over six years. Sandy had worked closely with numerous goldsmiths and customers to design some of the beautiful jewelry. Her specialty is engagement and wedding rings.

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