The Creators Exhibition 2012

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The Creators Exhibition 2012 will take place in "No Problem" from March 3 to March 11 with the opening Friday,

Discovery, Encounters, Exchanges

Cambodia is a meeting point for many designers, artists, designers, artisans, fashion designers inspired by its culture and who used the products and commodities of the country.

The artists and creators show, which will begin on March 3, invites you to (re)discover major creators.Sharing and exchange are at the heart of this third edition, with thoughtful dialogues in the luxuriant garden of the « No Problem » colonial villa.

A circuit, imagined by more than twenty Cambodian and international artists, will transport us to different universes where we can appreciate works freely, while interacting totally with the site, since the new creations will use this circuit as its raw material.

No one is enclosed in his own bubble.  Atmospheres come together, assemble, and then disappear.
This is an invitation to discovery, exchange, and wonderment.

Recreation 2012

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