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Christine Gauthier settled in Cambodia in 1996. With her advertising background, a passion for bric-a-brac, she creates objects; her enthusiasm for jewelry begins with her discovery of nature, and she seeks to interpret, in a different way, what she sees.
In February 2002, she created the Water Lily workshop.
In love with Cambodia’s natural phenomena, discovering flowers and trees and photographed details that have inspired original pieces, much as a painter might mix colors to give new life to a scene, an inspiration, imagesof what surrounds her and that she has kept in her heart. Works that are unique, or limited for others, designed and put together by hand, these pieces reflect the soul of Cambodia and endow her jewelry with a spirit of memory, a souvenir.
Using clever mixtures of colors and materials, she creates a world unique to the Water Lily workshop: freshness, originality, and the pigment of color dearest to her eyes: the green of the rice fields. She creates on command original pieces for weddings, or simply an outfit, including a purse and wide-brimmed hat.
Christine Gauthier plays with her materials, immersing herself in her experiences, and fully  lives her passion through the furious desire to interpret what is stored in her memory.


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