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Anniversary of November 9, 1953

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Contest rules and regulations


The following rules set out the standards required to enter the competition. Candidates agree to abide by them.

The "Ekarieach 2023" competition, free and open to all in the Kingdom of Cambodia, is created on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Independence of Cambodia on November 9, 2023 and organized jointly by RECREATION-CAMBODIA. COM, SOFITEL PHNOM PENH PHOKEETHRA, LE LEZARD BLEU street 240 Phnom Penh, with the aim of encouraging artistic creativity and offering the best talents the chance to exhibit a masterpiece and win one of the 5,000 USD prizes.


Article 1) The competition is free of charge, there are no technical constraints and the present rules are respected. It is open to all applicants who are Khmer nationals or residents of Cambodia with a long-term visa.

Article 2) To participate, candidates must register between September 9 and October 31, 2023.

Article 3) A registration form must be completed and returned (with a photo ID), available on the WWW.RECREATION-CAMBODIA.COM website,

Also visible on the SOFITEL PHNOM PENH PHOKEETHRA website and on the online newspaper THMEY THMEY.

Article 4) The unique application is made on the website: RECREATION-CAMBODIA.COM

A serial number is then assigned. This number becomes the candidate's and the work's number for the month of November 2023.

Competition theme

Article 5) The object to be created is a painting or other tangible artistic creation evoking the theme of INDEPENDENCE, *in all its possible variants.

Article 6) There are no restrictions on the size or base material of the work to be created.

Article 7) The work of artistic creation, to be presented to the public, must be unpublished, original, surprising, non-polemical and must include a title recalling one of the forms of the imposed theme.

Article 8) In November and December, the competition jury will assess the work's conformity to the independence theme and its originality.

Sending the work

Article 9) Entries must first be sent by digital photo (with dimensions) to the address shown on the applicant's registration number.

Article 10) The anniversary date of November 9, 2023 marks the end of the period for submitting photos of works, which will then be examined by the members of the Jury.

Article 11) The submission must also indicate the place where the original of the work can be seen and checked by one of the members of the Jury.

Article 12) The works will be selected during one month. Winners notified by courier must send the winning works by their own means to SOFITEL PHNOM PENH PHOKEETHRA.

The Jury

Article 13) The Jury is composed of seven members. In addition to the organizers, one agent from the French Cultural Institute, one art teacher from the Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh and one cultural journalist from THMEY THMEY, one professional of Fine Arts.

Article 14) It selects the originality and quality of the artistic creation and determines the list of works that meet the criteria of the theme and deserve to be exhibited and compete for the first EKARIEACH 2023 Prize.

Article 15) The jury is committed to impartiality. It may meet online and decide to award the Jury Prize of US$3,000. It may postpone the Jury Prize and the Young Talent Prize until the exhibition period at the beginning of 2024.

In the event of hacking, organized manipulation or simply force majeure, the full Jury may decide to terminate the competition before the end of the procedure. The winning entries will remain the property of their authors. Each member of the Jury undertakes to act with the probity necessary for a "fair" competition.

Article 16) An approved member of the Jury may delegate his or her power to inspect 'DE VISU' a work located far from the Capital.

Exhibition of winning entries

Article 17) The selected winners, duly informed by courier in December 2023, must, by their own means, send the original work concerned to the SOFITEL PHNOM PENH PHOKEETHRA for exhibition on site, open to the public and taking place in January 2024.

Article 18) A receipt will be issued at the time of delivery. The Sofitel will provide insurance for the work throughout the exhibition period.

Article 19) The winners may decide to sell their selected work during the exhibition period. They agree to respect the conditions of sale published on the RECREATION-CAMBODIA.COM website.

Article 20) The exhibition will give rise to a secret vote by visitors to award the Public Prize of US$1,500.

Article 21) The jury will award one of the youngest winners, exhibiting for the first time, a prize of US$500.

Article 22) Candidates and winners agree to abide by the present rules. Application and shipment of the work constitute acceptance of every rule herein.

Prices (award)ceremony

Article 23) The awards ceremony will be held in the presence of the press at a venue to be determined. On that day, a prizewinner may change his selling price or hold an auction.