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Statement for New York City

With two thousand years of history, Khmer culture has had an important influence on all of its neighbors in every artistic discipline. Unfortunately, the twentieth century crashed the party with the various Indochinese conflicts, and then the Khmer Rouge finished off what was left of culture, the arts and the artists.

In the last several years, creators and artists have started to emerge, but are confronted with great and multiple obstacles. In today’s Cambodia creativity is not a national priority, far from it.

To help refocus priorities, draw attention to all sectors of the arts, and to showcase the very best, Madeleine de Langalerie created an annual show “Le Salon des Créateurs” in Phnom Penh. Last year’s edition was crowned by the first ever auction sale of its kind in Asia. Managed by CHRISTIE’S with staff coming to Cambodia from Paris, the profits of the sale were donated to Cambodia Living Arts.

In 2013 we move to New York, what a promotion!

Festival Catalog here :
The official website here : http://seasonofcambodia.org

List of artists at New York City :


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